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December 26, 2011


Little fella's Christmas wish comes true with a new dual-flush toilet


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Dustin Kruse...soon to a major plumber!

His motto: "One good flush deserves another!"

It was number one on his list!

If they had 30 people at his house for New Years, he would be even happier.

We all know a full house beats a flush, anytime!

The gift that keeps on giving.

What a neat Christmas story though. That little kid rocks.

What a great kid! I love Dustin.

"Everybody should have a toilet like this. It conserves water."

Low-flow for regular loads, but more power in the flush when needed. This could be a major plank in the 2012 Campaign Juggernaut (but Sloan Valve also makes a similar product).

I've never heard of one of those toilets.
But I hope his mother is keeping a scrapbook of her son's activities that she can, someday, share with his "special woman".

Terry Pratchett had this kid nailed in the latest Diskworld book, "Snuff." Definitely the same interests as Sam Vimes' son.

I see an epic seat up/seat down showdown in someone's future.

Good show Kohler. The kid may be a budding plumber, but he seems far smarter than his age.

His wish for next year: to move to Santa Fe.

We haven't heard the last of this little rascal.

I have a feeling Dustin's future is in the toilet. Bless his little heart! I'll bet he can't wait to go back to school or daycare so he can tell all his little friends what Santa brought him. Kudos to Koehler also.

Hey folks:

2012 is a few days away. Time to ramp up the "Dave Barry for President" campaign.

As a Canadian I can't vote (except for Chicago where they let me vote numerous times).

Considering the track record of the incumbent, Dave is a sure bet to assume the role of POTUS.

And given the curent climate, the most hysterically funny outcome would be if Dave actually won the vote.


Let's see who can make the best campaign slogan for Dave!

Hopefully, the kid's story will become a TV special next Christmas. It'd be better than anything on Ion Television.

Dave Barry for President! Of something!
Flush with Pride.

I love it when Dustin bends over to adjust the new toilet and you see his little butt crack. SOOOOO cute.

He's planning ahead for when he wants to lose his dentures.

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