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December 23, 2011


Your search is over.


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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My God, It's full of stars cats!

It really hides the fur.

Perfect for that crazy spinster aunt or your mom.

Holy catballs! Hope it's Scotchguarded.

Soon to be found in alley near you.

Reclining, angry pussies at that.

I'd buy that.

Costs too much scratch.

Purrfect for snoozing with your hoomin.

NOTE TO FAMIlY: Don'f you dare.

With my luck it would be the one piece of "fur"niture my cats wouldn't touch.

I have an aunt that would love that chair. The last time we counted she had 12 cats.

Tacky, but I like it! I'll take one, please. :)

Perfect place for a catnap.

My dog would go nuts.

It is cruel, cruel and virtually criminal, to show this with absolutely NO information on where you can buy it. Please, more information!!

West coast guy



click on

animal themes.

The cat chair is first up. Yours for $170.

Not enough cat. Turn this into a chair, and you've made a sale.

That's a lotta pussy.

It's too eerie. The eyes follow you wherever you go.

It's also usable outdoors.


I'm a cat person; but I'm sorry: that chair creeps me out.

And I suspect it would make my actual cat nervous.

I think that my cats would think that this chair is interesting.

I prefer the dog chair.

I don't think I could shake the feeling I was about to be eaten. Or at least batted around like a ball of yar.

Or yarn

Major *snork* @ Jeff's dog chair. The real thing.

Anyone who has ever had cats knows the cats would be WAY more interested in the box it came in than they would the chair.

Siouxie, you so naughty!

I love the dog chair, Jeff. Snork @ Siouxie.

Thanks, Ross!

Every time I sat on it, I'd think, "Pussy on pussies." But that's just me.

Wha'chu' lookin' atWillisTabby.

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