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December 30, 2011


Freak foam storm swamps seaside resort of Cleveleys


(Thanks to Ralph, who says "I think I saw Seaside Foam Storm open for the Beach Boys.")


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talk about your bad memories...

"It is oil based

I'd think just lighting a match would nicely clean it all up.

Freak Foam Storm - how you know SyFy is running out of movie ideas.

TS Faye was a real foam-fest once you got past the sand trying to put your eyes out as it blew in from the beach.
That was where we got our cactus we call PS (Phallic Symbol in long form). We have no idea where it came from but it wound up on our patio after the storm.
(We're thinking of changing its name to "Orgy" because it's become a real sausage-fest).

OMG! This calamity is indeed rare! It's seem like it's just a foam.

Seaside bukkake!

(If you don't know what bukkake is, DO NOT search for it on a work computer, or anywhere your grandmother could be looking over your shoulder!!!)

They forgot to mention the pod of sperm whales in the water.

Do residents who stayed outside in the foam storm
look like they are "foaming at the mouth"?

We're need a HUGE Beach towel...

Diva: Are you referring to the ocean according to Snooki?

Warning, Beware of the Foam.

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