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December 12, 2011


Abbey apparently was unaware of the writing on the back of the black man's T-shirt: "Spokane Boxing Club Champion."


(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Not on his way to a Mensa meeting.


Maybe he can't read?

i liked the one comment - "let's make july 3rd "punch a bigot" day."

I think Abbey got exactly what he deserved.

I suppose it could have been worse. It could have been JACK BAUER.

I agree with nc. A boxing champ has to be muscular, no matter what his weight class. How dumb was Abbey to pick a fight, even if he didn't know the guy's a boxer? Very dumb. (In many ways)

The boxer's name is Marion Baker. If anyone happens to meet him, buy him a drink on my behalf.

LeDud, Jack Bauer would have been bad but, imho, John Reese on Person Of Interest would be worse. I keep waiting for the bad guys on that show to realize when you put Reese in handcuffs it only makes him mad.

Drink, hell I'll buy him dinner! Made my day.

Nobody ever said that skinheads were very bright. I'd love to be the guy that chooses his cellmate.......

Gee, isn't that a lovely picture. Just perfect for a Christmas card.

Guys who box or do martial arts or whatever usually know that you can't punch somebody out legally, no matter how much they need it, until they physically make contact with you in a threatening manner.

So I'm thinking this boxer's first reaction when the oaf poked him was, "Thank yew JAYsus!" THEN he decked him. And probably thanked JAYsus again. Probably had a full congregation of worshipers around him by then.

Looking at the side of his face that's dented, the boxer was either left handed or that was just a jab.

The TP loogie is especially fetching.

Bet it was just the jab fivver. He folded like a cheap Chinese lantern. He doesn't get much respect at the next bigots picnic.

With a face like that, his next cell-mate is going to love him.

To quote the recently deceased actor Bill McKinney from _Deliverance_, can he squeal like a pig?

I've gotta get me one of those shirts!

Unfortunately, next time there might no warning for that boxer next time.

Skinhead, knucklehead, don't they mean the same thing?

cindy, good point about Reese on Person of Interest. Every time four guys jump him I feel sorry for them.

Wingnut, Knuckleheads don't usually harbor animosity
towards others. Skinheads do, because they have shelved their brains and hearts. Thats the difference.

Well, what can I say, maybe Mr. Abbey won't probably gonna do it again. Good thing that the victim knows how to defend himself from such harms.

"Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head".- John Lennon.

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