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December 31, 2011


It wasn't pretty.


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FIRST!! WOOOO HOOO!! Dave's Year in review is here!! NOW it's a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It sure is. I can go to sleep now.

Dave, you've managed to elicit a smile from me for one of the crappiest years in recent memory -- bravo! In 2012, I, too, will be spending insanely more money than I actually have, when my eldest starts college. If it's good enough for the US government, it's good enough for me. Happy New Year, blogits!

I fall asleep earlier and earlier every year. Sort of like the person who was quoted as saying “As God is my witness,” states the prime minister, “we thought that place was a Wal-Mart.”

If I set up my e-reader that rhymes with Bindle to buy a Dave Barry book through Anderson's, can I get my device signed?

NMUA, put your device away. This is a family blog.

No it wasn't pretty and - unfortunately - there is virtually NO prospect that next year won't be worse.

So Dave, we here on the blog are begging you: PLEASE announce the 2012 Juggernaut for the Race for the White House.

I look forward to this every year. Thanks, Dave!

I can't wait for Watson to be the Republican nominee...

We can finally annex Toronto...

My opionion: Best "Look Back" ever!

Dave, you really should write a book...

And speaking as President of the "Millions of Canadians Prepared To Vote Illegally For Dave Barry" orgasnization, I can now ammassed and can personally deliver literally trillions of dollars for your campaign. The only downside is that the trillions will be in the form of Zambian currency.

And Chris..millions of Canadians will agree that you don't need to annex Toronto...you can have it. But you have to accept the characteristic Toronto mis-placed ego as part of the deal.

The reason many of us live in Vancouver is that any Toronto BS that survives the gunshots as it passes over Alberta (oil & cowboy country) is that it lacks the height to pass over the Rockies.

Oh gee...as the Canadian equivalent of Mr. Language Person (my staff hates it when I correct), too many spelling or grammatical errors above to make corrections. But you'll get my drift...

Finally! Thanks Dave. Afkat, and other bloggers of the Canadian persuasion, if you would just do me a little favor. We've had beautiful weather lately but now they're saying an arctic front from Canada will be here on Tuesday. If you could please do something to turn it in another direction I would really appreciate it.

2012 will be the year in which Iran finally develops its own dreaded Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

I especially enjoyed the clever references to Obama's failed presidency. Hopefully Christmas vacation in Oahu prompts him to return fresh and rested enough tyo deliver a nationally televised address so everything will be fine considering it's thousands of miles away and it gives him a chance to hang out with all his old buddies from the Starship Enterprise.

- Thoroughly delightful. For the whole family. A must if Spiderman has any more meaning to you than a brown stain on a piece of paper.


Thanks, Dave for your year in review. It's always funny. Have a Happy New Year! Well, Detroit won't have the famous ball like New York has but will have the BIG D instead.

I'm crying from laughing so hard. "Moody’s lowers Greece’s bond rating to the point where it is no longer represented by words or letters, just a brownish stain on the rating document" is the best economic description I've read in the past year. Best ever. Thanks.

"In what will become a pattern for GOP frontrunners, Bachmann’s candidacy immediately sinks like an anvil in a duck pond." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*thud* falls off couch. Can I sue Dave for making me laugh too hard?

BRILLIANTLY done, Dave!! Once more, you've captured the year perfectly!

Dave, that was better than sex! ANd funnier too!

Thank you for a witty amazing fantastic
recap of the last year. It seems easier to Take, or process, or whatever we do with it, with your humor.

Otherwise, millions of blog readers would be sue-ing old man 2011 for a refund, and damages!

And it's all of the above, despite the slashes!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year cindy and all y'all.

Let me kick in 500 billion to your campaign fund. Only catch is it's former Yugoslav dinars. (I collect money that's no good any more. Want a 1945 Greek 100 million drachma note? You can buy Greece with it.)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!


Each and every one of you brings a little something wonderful to my life. Thanks for being amazing and funny people.

And Dave? HAVE JOY!!! :) It's a beautiful year already. Thanks for my first laughs of 2012. :) *smooch*

And also my favorite word of 2011 is now "gasbaggery." What a beaut. :D

Hey! How come it took three pages for the first six months and all the rest of the year fit on one page?

Seriously though, I look forward to reading your New Year's column every year. I wonder if the clods that you make fun of read about themselves and laugh too?

Al...If all the clods of 2011 laughed at once, the earth would tip on its axis.

Thank you, Dave and all you bloggits, for making me smile and/or *snork* every day, just as I'm about to cancel my newspapers, deep-six the TV and laptop, and resign from the so-called "human" race.

And duck! Here comes 2012!

Thanks, Dave and judi for making me laugh every time I come to the blog. And thanks to all the bloggits (except the spammers) for your insightful hilarious comments.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Got to put my two cents worth in, (that is all I can now afford) but happy new year to all. This is the best web site I have ever found. I have not read the review yet. Saving it for when I have time to laugh myself sick like I do every year. And there was SO VERY MUCH to laugh about last year. Luv ya all. (even the spammers bless their pointy little heads, they get laughs)

Great job Dave. Glad to think future historians will this wonderful, truthful, insightful, funnyful recap.

Now, we need to have your predictions for 2012.

Congratulations, Dave - as usual, a far more compelling version of the year that was than the actual year that was, which was mind-crunchingly pathetic, with the exception of what has been shared at this blog.

I am deeply indebted to you, judi and the bloglits (WBAGNFARB?) for reliably bringing laughter front and center. If anyone is looking for it, it's always right here.

(And, speaking of debt, can anyone spare a couple of bucks for a stranded mugging victim here in London?)

Happy New Year!!!

The line about turning from the sleaze of politics to the wholesomeness of college football . . . genius.

Here's to a better year in 2012.

... And we have a Presidential election this year, so we can look forward to even more hilarity than in 2011.

Thanks for reminding me, Dave. I snorked, but now don't know whether to laugh or cry (getting about 2 hrs. sleep doesn't help). Tell me again why Congress' approval rating is 5%.

I agree with Diva. My favorite new word is "gasbaggery".

With a presidential election this year, I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances to use it. And always crediting the author, of course.

Thanks, Rich! :) Loudmouth - I'm with you on the "laugh or cry" thing. >< I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for the entire Congress in the last 20 years.

"Hyperpartisan Gasbaggery" FTW!

Also "Hyperpartisan Gasbags" WBAGNFARB?

Dave fergot to mention my broken computer ... which is my only excuse for not being here more often ... having finally remembered how to operate (?) an MS-based device, I wuz fortunate enuf to find the Year in Review ... which is a treat, as always ...

Happy New Year, Gang!

Oh ... and my colonoscopy ... had so much fun (and decent medications!) that I had two of 'em ... heckuva deal, eh?

Thanks, Dave. As always, a terrific Review. Much better than the actual year.

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