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November 24, 2011


“Through this scheme, some elderly customers were defrauded into purchasing more than 70 years worth of toilet paper.”

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and Joe in Japan)


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It had to be elderly men who bought the 70 years worth of toilet paper. If you want to see a man get nervous tell him there's only 1 roll of toilet paper left in the house.

And yet, something tells me that 70 years from now, when he's on the last roll, he'll run out and the Mrs. will have forgotten to buy more.

cindy, my late father in law had (literally) closets full of the stuff, along with cans of tuna fish.

He was always prepared.

Anyway, what goes together in a sentence better than "Florida seniors" and "toilet paper"?

Those who bought the product were placed on an “idiot list“ for follow-up sales, court documents said.

I hate them scammers...they take joy in stealing and fooling people.

And no one said, "You're sh!+ing me?"

I Googled on FBK Products. They are the telemarketers from hell, with hundreds of BBB complaints. The toilet paper scam is just a small part of the story. They sell septic tank treatment chemicals, and send a full order instead of the agreed-upon trial size. Then they refuse return authorization and aggressively bill for the full amount. And God help you if you get on their phone list. They call incessantly, even after do-not-call requests.

What a crappy company.

We used to frequent one of the Costco/Sam's and other stores. It was useful if you had room to store large masses of "Stuff", which we did.
Once at a regular store, my wife asked if we needed toilet paper?
I said we'd wait to go to Sam's and get a "Big Dump" bale.
My wife noticed a lady near us who overheard and laughed.
I guess it wasn't very subtle.

Is the spammer quoting something with which I am not familiar? Or is it as totally incoherent as it seems?
Needs more toilet paper.

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