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November 02, 2011


92-year-old refused alcohol because of lack of ID

(Thanks to The Perts, Jeff Meyerson and Loudmouth)


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"It's not the years, it's the milage."
I. Jones

Here in Mass, Great Woods/Tweeter Center has a policy that they will only take Drivers Licenses and Liquor ID's, no Mass State photo ID's. Being that I do not drive, (By choice) and do not need a Liquor ID, (every store near me knows me) I cannot drink at the one concert I see there every year. It is sad to have to be the only sober parrot head.

Does she look over 18?

You make the call.

Fins to the left, fins to the right...

JoG - you can bring your own and drink in the parking lot like everyone else. Had to step over the drunks "tailgating" (euphemism for "getting hammered") in the parking lot at the Toby Keith concert. Btw, it's been Comcast Center for the past couple of years.

The parking lots at Jones Beach are like that too, Guin. Driving out after the Buffett concert you have to watch out for empty bottles everywhere.

Maybe it was dark, the clerk was blind and she has a young, feeling face?

Rules is rules.

My sister was so complimented when she was carded once.
Then she heard one bartender whisper to another that he should card anyone who looks over 35 because it boosted both egos and sales.

So this is what happens when you live and breath by the book. Ridiculous.

Maybe she'll change from whisky to whiskey now.

(One is scotch, the other irish, I forget which is which)

Stop-and-Rob Story:
I was called in to a store that the Liquor Control Commission wanted to close because of underage selling violations. My instruction was that if the person did not use a cane or a walker, they had to show ID.

The town's baseball diamonds were nearby. A gentleman in his 50s limped in to buy two cases for the crew -- or to settle the bet. He didn't have ID, so I had to refuse the sale. When he told the young men in the Jeep he had been carded, one fell out laughing. The driver had ID, so I was able to make the sale.

The story apparently made the older gentleman's day. He became a regular and showed his ID when he bought soda.

Steve, I had a waitress card me once after I turned fifty, I think I gave her a twenty dollar tip. ha. That is better than the lady at the hospital last time my wife was sick. The cashier at the hospital cafeteria gave me one quick glance and gave me the senior citizens discount. I was depressed for days, and no I did not leave her a tip.

some restaurants have 55 as the cutoff for sr meals. but not all, and i am 60, and most of the other restaurants have a 62 age cutoff.. i cannot win. of course, i dont want to eat my earlybird dinner at 330....

oldfatguy - i got that treatment starting when i was in my forties (i'll admit, i'm pretty gray) - something like five or six times already. my favorite (this has happened twice, at two different golf courses) is when i take my three kids golfing and the starter says (just making conversation) "spending the day with the grandkids, huh?"

Jeff: she could be a female Justin Beiber. That may be redundant, I know. (I am being sarcastic)...
that clerk was...stew-pid. or stewed.

Maybe the clerk needs glasses.

OT: I was listening to Comedy 24/7 and one of the comedians made I thought a great point about drugs:
No one has ever had anything blow up (as far as we know) regarding marijuana. Consequently, shouldn't the TV ads be against meth and meth labs, instead of marijuana? Don't meth and other harder drugs deserve more focus? Why all the concern about marijuana? Don;t the harder drugs like meth and coke cause more harm to society and more deaths?

Just saying....

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