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November 21, 2011


Dog caught driving in Australia

(Thanks to Ralph, and Janice Gelb)

Update: Here's another story, with a photo:


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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As if it isn't bad enough that I have a teenage son nagging me about getting his drivers license, now I have to worry about the dog too? I wonder what my insurance rates would be if I put the dog on my policy.

@Dorakay. The dog will be cheaper than the teenager.

"This was weird, even for the Northern Territory."

Best line in the story.

@markhh. I know too well, having gone through two teenagers already. When my husband and I went to put his teenage daughter on our policy, there was another gentlemen in the office looking to put his teenage son on his policy. When he heard what his rates would be, he turned to his son and said "sorry, but you're not driving my car", and then got up and left.

Thw two versions I had were better because they had pictures of Woodley, the dog in question.

Shane Lassie Woodley, come back!!!

I for one think some one forgot to set the e brake and poor Woodley made a convenient scapegoat...

What? The dog HAD a license.

In the picture I saw, Woodley was not wearing any kind of seat belt or shoulder harness. That is really dangerous.

That is one demonic looking dog: Makes Cujo look like a Puppy Chow model.

Woodley looks pretty formidable. Only the dog is going to steal that RV.

Cool, A smart DOG who learns to drive by being a copyCAT.

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