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November 26, 2011


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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The gal who lost her dog and the idiot who called firefighters are responsible for this.

Back in my day when we wanted to 'get down' we used a backseat just like G-d intended. We didn't have the luxury of using balconies, coffins, or the backs of police cars! And you know what? We were glad to have those back seats! Now get off my lawn!
(btw, I've just herded the last of the friends and family out of the house so I'm not quite myself today)

If they were each married to other people that might be considered trying it on for size.

From the comments "There are all kinds of forests for big birds." I have often thought the same thing!

The girl was obviously looking for a stiff one.


I'm glad to see the Chinese are getting a handle on the proper way to use this internet thing.

I liked that when he was done he closed the casket on her so he wouln't have to listen to her complain.

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