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November 26, 2011


Woman dons bikini in effort to find dog

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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I'd help her look.

Me too, Steve. It's only neighborly.

How could such a simple but brilliant plan fail?

^Seems like she's found two dogs already. :)

I'll second that punkin!

If she loved the dog, she'd get nekkid.

*snork* BFF!


What sign? what dog?


YOU guys want bikini, NC and I got your bikini...WAX that is.

(Adds names to list)

If she is looking for someone to sit in her lap in the meantime...

OT: The quickest way to attract attention is to undress in public, or so I hear.

Today I saw a makeover show on ION where this forty something woman dropped her "hooker" look for something more modern and professional. If that's possible, there is hope for us all....

Just saying...Wax on, wax off, MikeyVa....


If I may,

Wax on, rip off.

You forgot some on funny man, Mikey. You may need to reapply. Wouldn't something like a cash reward work better?

Hey! That's only a few miles from where I live. I should go see if she's found it yet.

I know an Irish Nookie Hound that would be willing to be adopted.

I'm looking high and low.

With a name like "Crispita", I'm betting someone took it for a Wok.

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