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November 29, 2011


An unexplained tofu explosion in Portland.

(Thanks to Ed Floden, Jeff Meyerson and Mark Schlesinger)

(Yes, "Tofu Explosion" WBAGNFARB.)


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I think the Great Tofo Exposion is related to Powell's Bookstore.

This is yet another reason why we need a nationwide ban.

I saw Tofu Explosion open for Strawberry Alarm Clock in '68.

Does "tofu" really mean "meth?"

I blame the bulldog.

"...fire officials stumped."? Must have been standing too close to the explosion.

Manufacturing tofu is itself an act of terrorism, so I consider this anti-terrorism. It's like when the bomb squad blows up an IED by attaching their own bomb to it.

I commend Homeland Security for eliminating this threat to our nation's bacon.

I wonder how hot the skillet was when she rinsed it off? If it were very hot, and she rinsed it with cold water I guess it could have come apart rather dramatically. I had a plate explode from hot gravy once...it didn't break a window though.

"The woman told investigators was cooking tofu and had rinsed out the pan with water when there was explosion."

apparently there was not editor either.

on the other hand, i've taken out windows with bean related explosions. just sayin'.

Methane. The tofu "bacteria" had gas..

Another reason to avoid tofu (as if we needed any more), if it does that in the kitchen just think of what it must be doing in the bodies of those who actually consume it.

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