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November 30, 2011


But instead of snoozing, or tepidly clapping, or furtively checking an iPhone, a Bainbridge woman decided to yell “Boring!” when she found a symphony performance less than satisfying.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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the reporter is vanessa ho.
just saying.

Good for her! That's awful. I've sat through many band concerts, dance recitals, choral concerts, etc. Of course my kid was always last on the program so I had to listen to the entire performance. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to do the same thing.

Yes, cindy, but unlike her you were raised to know how to behave. I hope she's going to pay for her daughter's therapy for the humiliation she caused her.

The proper response would have been to walk out...or pretend to snore.

Well, at least she didn't do this

When I get bored I usually start to floss. I've been known to do this on boring dates.

Sometimes, Yawning is just not enough to express what you really feel.

A young lady whom I knew to be suffering from a hangover was leaning back in a folding chair in the balcony of my parents' church. The sermon was less than exciting and she was falling asleep in her chair.
Suddenly and without warning, the young lady released some pressure which sounded a lot like ripping dungarees.
Startled, she woke up and jerked, sending the chair over backwards and propelling her into an involuntary back flip.
All the kids agreed that that was the best sermon, ever.

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