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November 30, 2011


"I play a farmer. A cow explodes because of its farting ability and out of it come hundreds of piranha, raining down on me. You'll see how I treat one of them."

(Thanks to funny man)


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Like every Gary Busey movie the intellectual value alone makes it worth a click or two on Piratebay.

Dave, you're a Hollywood writer now. Can you do a re-write so Gary Busey blows up from farting? Much more entertaining.

And what's this "3DD?" Sounds like a really skinny girl with huge bazoomage.

Even Andy Dick and Michael Richards turned down this role.

i don't have to see it, i lived it...

How will we know what's the exploded cow and what's Gary Busey's face?

I now realize that my dreams could get me a fortune in Hollywood.
And all this time, I thought they were just disjointed junk dredged up from the netherlands of my brain.
Except the one involving that brunette.

Gary Busey, that explains everything.

Rats, I was really hoping it would be Nic Cage.

And the piranhas are really aliens fighting for control of our gold and diamonds. I am so in line for tickets.

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