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November 27, 2011


Arizona woman tries to rob store with toy penguin, police say

(Thanks to Ralph)


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No comment yet from Morgan Freeman.

To the bat signal !

the penguin was formerly on her telly

I fully support the Second Amendment rights of every American to bear toy penguins

Is that a bomb under your sweater or...

Snork @ queensbee!

Shall we call the Vicar? Vicars love penguins, crumpets and tea, or so I've heard...

A loaded penguin can be a terrible thing to waste waddle...

That is a terrible mug shot, it looks more like a DMV or School Yearbook grade photo. Mug shots make people look like the missed a few steps in the evolution from ape to man, and the photographer in the case didn't do it. At least Photoshop some acne scars onto her face to make it look like a mug shot.

Was the penguin loaded?

Surely this woman is a Kardashian.

When toy penguins are outlawed only outlaws and little yappy dogs will have toy penguins.

Toy penguins are nothing. They only shoot blanks.
Now, seagulls are always loaded and dangerous.

How did this not happen first in Florida ?

Speaking of penguins in Arizona....

I bet she needed cash so she can complete 'the 12 days of Christmas list'... She would need as much as $100K for it all. tsk

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