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November 25, 2011


Naked British woman, 49, left dangling from balcony of Spanish holiday flat after tumbling over rail while having sex with husband

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and Jeff Meyerson)


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Why were they having sex on a public balcony?


Again, life imitates art. George O'Dowd (Boy George)
had almost the same thing happen in Wales, and survived, writing his hit song "I'll Tumble for Ya"..

And boy, our press is tame...er...
not as sexual as the British press. You hardly
ever see sex stories in the NY Times (unless its a
political scandal)....

How very British. Even her name was reserved.

There was a young woman from Norway...
Who hung by her heels in a doorway...

Glad they just have a funny (and embarrassing) story to tell. That could have turned into a nightmare vacation very easily.

They must of had wild sex. How does one tumble over the railing anyway.

It probably left him dangling as well. Then again, he's a guy. There's a naked woman hanging upside down just above the floor. Who could blame him for taking advantage of the opportunity? What else are you going to do while waiting for emergency services?

"It isn't a police matter so she isn't on any charges but we warned her and her husband to think about safe sex in the future."

That's the old definition of safe sex.

After calling for help on his smart phone, I wonder if he snapped some pics...you know, for youtube and such. Anyway, it was refreshing to hear they were married...at least for now.

The company that made the balcony railing will probably get sued. A law will be passed requiring future railings to have a new warning label. Nude sex will be banned in Spain....

If I had a nickel for every time this has happened to me.....

This is a husband. And wife. Nearly 50. Married to EACH other. And having wild, balcony sex?

Yeah, right.

What's the matter, Mikey, you never had balcony sex?

>This is a husband. And wife. Nearly 50. Married to EACH other. And having wild, balcony sex?

Well, after all that time together, you have to find a way to make it interesting.

That's no joke.

You can really get messed up like that.

I had something similar happen when I was learning how to do the buddy rappel.

Evidently, her brain in Spain stayed mainly on the plane.

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