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November 23, 2011


Don't miss the second photo.


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That's gross. Poor thing. I am always against someone most of the time trying to alter the way one looks. Unless it is medically necessary

Any update on the fake doctor? I'm betting his formal training which included extensive work in the uses of bathtub calk may be his saving grace. In the end.

What are these crazy people thinking? Oh, I want a more rounded, firmer tush, so I'll allow some quack to inject me with CEMENT??

The apocalypse is upon us.

Just goes to show you, the old ways are the best: a diet of bon bons and double cheeseburgers.

Are they sure the injection didn't include any Mercury?

Wow. Just ... wow.

By the way - the photos are of the tranny doc, not the woman s/he worked on.

oh, in that case, nice tush. (eyeroll)

I know, Diva. Maybe the ad said "You too can look like this!"

Or, perhaps not.

Tranny Doc WBAGNFA Jersey Shore spinoff

Ye gods, isn't this type of correction what we have McDonald's for ?

Brings to mind the Widette's skit from SNL. Akroyd & Curtin as the family with giant butts.

"Baby Got Back" --Sir Fix-A-Flat

That's desirable butt? The "python ate a cow" look.

Maybe she wanted to try out for the Big Butt Olympics.

*saves rs a seat on the geezer bus*

That's pretty much how I felt after my first colonoscopy.

Knew there was something familiar.

Problem is, once this got published, all the idiots will want said backside. Best to adapt the chairs at the mall food court,

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