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November 29, 2011


Monroe man tries to shoot squirrel, hits himself instead

(Thanks to Theresa Hogue)


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“The squirrel scared him,” Ridler said.

No comment [wimp].

The squirrel was heading for hia nuts!

I saw a guy fire a large-caliber rifle at a rabbit once. Said rabbit was running straight through a crowd of about six of us walking on a dirt road. At least seven shots were fired but I'm not sure how many because my heart sort of seized up after the first couple.
Two shots left craters to the left and right of one man's foot.
The rabbit escaped but the general feeling was that it outsmarted the shooter.

Idiot. I wonder if he waits until he puts his shirt on before he irons it?

My dad told me about a guy from his home town who shot himself in the foot to get out of the draft. With a shotgun. It was a win-win situation; he got out of the draft, and we won the war.

Darwinian - if shoot self when trying to shoot rabbit.

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