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November 25, 2011


Giant penis mystery baffles Stockholm suburb

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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It's no mystery to me. That is a penis.

Maybe it was made by prehistoric "guys" as a joke. You know like the huge drawings in Peru.

I can see it now, "Ork, let's draw a very large male organ so folks in the future will wonder about it."

"Gork, great Idea! HA! More Fermented corn for all!"

I was gonna say the aliens have a WARPED sense of humor.

First crop circles, now..crop porn.

(Unless the same kids who did the Piano Island/Sandbar in
Florida did it...)

I'm an American.
We call that "small to medium".
That's why we're unpopular in some countries. With the men, of course.


That is reason that we have to build that fence in the south!


So he's a Nixon fan; big deal.

It's a sign from God, who suggests we all convert to Judaism.


I didn't look at it long enough to see if it had undergone circumcision.

Good catch! No wait, that dosen't sound right.

I saw Giant Penis Mystery open for...oh wait, no I didn't.

How many times do I have to say this? These are clSsified programs and should not be discussed in public. But if you want a hint, the schwanz is visible from certain kinds of imaging assets and was probably pointing to a target. Make sure house isn't situated along a line perpend ... excuse me, there's someone at the door.

Distasteful? 90% of the female and 10% of the male population would probably disagree with that. NTTAWWT

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