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November 24, 2011


Having better friends than this girl.

Clothes horse

(Thanks to Greg, for whom I am also thankful)


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Happy Thanksgiving!

And there was NO alcohol involved??

Add another warning label to the packaging so that this will never happen again.

Just hangin' around. This is what happens when the greenies are in charge. Electric dryers end up being replaced with these diabolical and deadly devices.

I'm guessing it was involved, Guin. She fell off the bed and just landed like that?


I almost sent it but figured Dave would probably be out deep-frying the turducken today.

Hope everyone has a great time celebrating my birthday today.

Actually, the version I saw had a video of her friends standing around laughing at her, without a single one trying to help her out of it.

here you go

Happy birthday, Jeff!
I'd bet for a little chemical aid in this, too (ethanol?). Although that device does seem a little more complicated than the wooden rack we have in the plant room.

Happy BD Jeff!

Many more BDs , Jeff!


I baked a pumpkin pie and DID NOT burn the house down, get stuck in the oven, drop it... Guess I am just boring

What's worse than buying clothes off the rack...?

Happy Birthday Jeff! This girl definitely needs to get a new set of friends.

We'll stick a candle in the tofurky for you Jeff.

I still don't get a clear picture as to how it got there in the first place.

btw, MikeyVA I'm proud of you. I'm doing Thanksgiving right this year. I'm going to my dad's house and he is doing all the cooking since I still can't use my right arm very well. I have a feeling my arm is going to get much worse when it's time to clean up.

Sorry Jeff, cannot celebrate your birthday, already have a previous engagement, a family thing.

For some strange reason I had a flashback to the time my college roommate saw the handcuffs on my desk I used to practice picking, and put them on without looking for the key first. To prevent accidents I always make sure I keep the key on me when I have the handcuffs out, and since I was gone all day he had to get the fire department to cut them off. Decades later the thought process of my roommate still eludes me, but I am sure his friends reacted in similar fashion since none of them took the cuffs off of him.

Happy Birthday Jeff. Sending you a slice of my homemade pumpkin pie with a candle in it.

Thanks, guys. I'm having chocolate pudding pie with plenty o'whipped cream. May even have some turkey and stuffing first.

She was 'mucking' about? Shirley that's not a real word. Probably a misspelling. And a happy birthday to yew, JM.

Things I'm thankful for: Not being stuck in a clothes horse. Or any other kind of horse, for that matter. Happy Thanksgiving!

That's a horse of a different collar.

The sad thing is that this girl could eventually become a world-class scientist, win a Nobel prize, bring in world piece etc. But she'll be forever immortalized by this photo.

geez...I cannot believe I spelled "peace" wrong...

World Piece of Punkin pie.

When I first saw the photo, it reminded me of Dave's Halloween costume column about the deranged mother dressing her daughter up as a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Happy AfterBirthday, Jeff. Hope you at least got a meal out of it.

David, "mucking about" is british for "goofing around" :)

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