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November 25, 2011


Men stare at breasts, women at wedding rings: study

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The woman looks like Cher from 60's with a 90's Pam Anderson stuffed under her shirt.

In both cases they were wondering "how much did that/those cost?"!

Could those breasts be any more fake?

Real women's breasts are tear drop shaped. Also you can "see" the edge of the implant at the top. There is a line. No natural breast has this "line."

But guys if you find that pretty....

Cher had nice cranberries. Anderson Double Bubbles. The woman is a mix which can be safely labeled block busters. Bee stings can be mesmerising and certainly detract from the attention rings or any accessories for the sake of argument. /looks for inner beauty which is all that really matters in these matters.

I think more studies are needed.

Where can we get money to study this kind of stuff ?

Exactly what I want to know, Clankie.

And I'm with Dave: I studied the picture intently and I am willing to swear there is no ring visible.

From the Department of Duh.

I think I sprained my eyeballs.

Guys...the big news was on the same page...
that Air France Plane flew with 30 screws missing...
I say--round up the Mile High Club and let them get bus--oh, that kind of screw....

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