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November 30, 2011


Utah duck hunter shot in buttocks by his dog

(Thanks to Spotsie)


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Uh-oh. The uprising has begun.

If they check, they will likely find out that the dog was paid off by the ducks.

Duck Season!
Human Season!

Oh sure. Blame the dog.

I saw Utah Duck Hunter Shot in Buttocks open for the Farting Cats.

SW, guns don't kill people. Dogs kill people.

He was lucky an elephant didn't shoot him in his pajamas.

Why would he have had an elephant in his pajamas?

I just know that if you dig deep, a cat will be responsible for his.

He got mixed up when the other guy yelled, "DUCK!"

So you go to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge to slaughter ducks. I wonder what ever happened to truth in advertising?

Wonder if he got the dog from Dick Cheney..

Good dog!

H.A.M.S., the cat told him to go for a head shot, but leave it to the dog to go soft at the last minute.

Human season doesn't begin till Christmas. Or does it?

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