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November 24, 2011


Police Don Turkey Suit For Vegas Crosswalk Sting


(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and oldfatguy)


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They considered mixing it up with a ham theme this year, but decided that was a little on-the-nose.

Actually KJP, they decided the ham theme just wasn't kosher. Do they have a back up turkey in case a motorist runs over and kills this one?

Six dead pedestrians in a month? They need pedestrian licenses.

Aren't they the sneaky ones.

Police were more than happy to give the public "thise bird"...

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could duck.

Why did the turkey cross the road?
'Cause it was a cop in a turkey suit.

Wonder what the police officer in the turkey suit is thinking? "Please, please hit and put me out of my misery."

Right. The sting is being set up ONLY to raise driver awareness. The $195 fine has absolutely nothing to do with it.

That's a deformed chicken; this is a turkey suit.

Officer Joe, "I am going to site you for jaywalking."

Pedestrian, "BWHAHAHAHAHA! Hey Erma, this chicken is giving me a ticket, snort, guffaw! Jaywaklking? How about chicken walking, hehehehehe"

Officer Joe, "I am gong to site you for disregarding a lawful order... Hey come back here."

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