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November 27, 2011


The giant Swedish Christmas goat is back.

(Thanks to Dr. Doug)


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The giant straw goat, which has been erected in the town's main square, Slottstorget, every year since 1966, undergoes a battle against the elements and local arsonists every year...
How rude. o_O

Wait... What happened to the golden calf ?!

"Those trying to protect the goat are planning to douse it in water with the idea that if it freezes, it will be much more difficult to burn down, according to daily Aftonbladet. "

Douse it in water, eh? Nice plan, but there are ways to counter that.

Gävle! Gävle! Gävle! ... Hmmm, just doesn't roll off the tongue. Who's got the pool going this year?

Because I never delete a bookmark that originated with the Blog, here is the link to the Live Camera:

P.S. In browsing the site, I learned that the Swedish word for "Rockabilly" is (wait for it) "Rockabilly".

Well. I guess I'm bookmarking that, too, Betsy.


Thanks, Betsy.

Betsy's goat link.

No workee, Betsy. "Illegal characters in path."

OK, here you go, in Swedish.

Goat? Looks like a poodle with horns...

Which reminds me, Poodles would NOT be a great name for a rock band...

The link, in English: Das Goat

Warning: The goat tweets, a lot!

Nothing says "Christmas" like the Swedish goat.

I'm not waiting around for the giant Miami Khristmas Ass.

Are you sure that's not Bjorn Borg under the snow?

In other Far Northern News, We have not forgotten!

The 1-foot-tall straw Christmas goat I put up every year has never burned down, thanks mostly to my wife's strict no-fires-in-the-apartment policy.

Burn, baby, burn!

--Angela Davis

There's a lot about Christianity that I don't understand. And the Christians aren't helping.

♫ Oh, Christmas goat,
Oh, Christmas goat,♫

The new unauthorized official Gavle song (feel free to add lyrics):

I have a Gavle Bocken, I made it out of straw,
When it's burning brighltly, the webcam view will awe...

I, too, have kept the bocken in my favorites these past few years. I'm betting on December 17. Who's making the book?

Sigh ... here we go again, blowing another classified project. What is this, wikileaks?

Goat + Swedish internet (se) = goatse. Burn it.

Half of the people take pride in the giant animal, while the other half take equal pride in attempting to burn it down. To date, the goat has been burnt down more times than it has survived the Christmas period.

I say Burn it down! Just Kidding...

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