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November 28, 2011


Balham urinal debuts world's first pee-controlled game

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and W. von Papineau)


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Is it any surprise beer sales have shot up (so to speak)?

Time to alert the Nobel Committee...or at least the British Ad Council.

Who's gonna clean that up the "overspray"?

Not me, since I didn't "make" it...

And here's another idea I had...if you want guys
to get in and out of restrooms quickly, just play one of those "Vaginal Mesh" ads the sick lawyers are running...I hate that ad more than any right now...

Besides running it where kids of all ages can be exposed to it, those class action lawsuits only
benefit the sharks...

I work with software and can imagine the support calls the IS team will get:

End User: "The schkiii just ...moved and I peeeeeed..and ...I LOVE JENNY....BUT DOES SHE LUUUVED ME ????? AW....SH&#T

Help Desk: Sir can you read the 12 digit unit ID on the side of the urinal ?

Another colossal inducement to the mindless overconsumption of intoxicating beverages.

I wouldn't want to be standing close if someone decides to go over a jump and do a couple of flips.

Streaming video?

The article indicates that you can post scores to twitter, I just wonder how you enter your user name?

When you make a new high score, does it play "Urine the Money"?

Penalty flag thrown at PirateBoy. Increibly bad (good) pun.

You don't have to go the the U.K.; you can play online here.

If you miss, urine trouble, but urine good company.

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