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November 30, 2011


...the s.b. is stepping in to say: Say WHAT?

Willing says this is the first Pan origin story, other than a brief tongue-in-cheek reference in Barrie's work.

Pats cover


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Peter Pan Prequel??? BRILLIANT concept. Perhaps Dave should write a boo...oh wait...

I hope he means the first one he's written.

Bloody 'ell!

I just submitted a comment, hee hee

What a maroon.

I saw your comment. Good job.

Halmi has done some decent things and some utter crap, but if you go down his list of credits in recent years it does lean towards the crap side.

Dave and Ridley should sue his butt off.

Mr. Halmi, Sr. doesn't get out much does he? Tash I read your comment and submitted one of my own.

My comment:

It's obvious that Mr. Halmi has never heard of Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson's delightful series of prequels to the Peter Pan story. Kids of all ages have been enjoying these literary gems for several years now. Perhaps he could try to reinvent another classic as this one has already been done and brilliantly, I might add!!

Don't sweat it. This is SyFy. By the second hour they'll have resorted to their usual fare of pterodactyls biting people's heads off.

Does this mean that Dave and Ridley wrote a book about a mega shark fighting a giant octopus, too?

But will it star Gary Busey?

Send him an autographed copy of the book with the copyright date highlighted.

Howscome I can't see the USA Today comments???

You guys shouldn't fight over Peter.

Whoever's was bigger first and has the Barrie estate's blessing should win.

(I'm sure it is Dave. Halmi is too stoned derivitive.)

This is fairly typical of cable networks, thinking they had an original idea, when in fact, they just appropriated it from some one else. Dave and Ridley have created a wonderful series of books, with intricate story lines, and rich characterizations. What did you expect from SyFy when they can't even get the spelling for the abbreviation of their cable network right!
Some of the cable networks tried to do an update of 200,000 Leagues Under The Sea a few years back their were two different versions one, for Hallmark Hall of Fame and one on NBC, neither of the new versions got it right. I would not be surprised to found out that Halmi produced one of the.


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