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November 28, 2011


'Jersey Shore'-naments


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Jeff must have the new "poor taste" app for his phone.
Either that or the "shoot-me-now" one.

"What other pop culture phenomena would you like to see trimming your tree this holiday season?"

pee-wee herman for sure. maybe snoop dogg or flava-flav. judge judy, too.

Each ornament contains the exact number of brain cells as the originals!

Where's the Kardasssshian set?

dang, almost choked on my oatmeal. good thing it dint come outta my nose.
we should make this site a jersey shore-free zone.

Someday the trees, like dogs, will strike back at us for all the humiliation (and worse things) we've done.

Have they checked for "crotch crickets"?

Is " slutnament " a word ?

Also available are fireplace stockings made out of condoms.

Whadda cultcha!

Sent this to Dave on November 16 and he ran it then!

As targets go these seem a little pricey to me.


Ho Ho Ho.

Unfortunately, there is nothing classified about this undertaking -- it's handled on a want-to-know basis, not a need-to-know.

Snooki is life sized.


I don't think you're giving the ornaments enough credit.

Now, I can picture out what Snooki's Christmas tree would look like.

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