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November 26, 2011


A man was arrested for assault after a domestic that allegedly started after he farted in bed and his wife sprayed him with air freshener.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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She should have called the domestic first and had her bring the air freshener.

I liked the story below this one where the woman hit her husband with a mini trampoline. That's something I would like to see.

If I used this tactic (the air freshner, not the beating) every time my husband farted, I would depleat the ozone layer directly over my house.

Farting is a God given right, as is piddling in the wee hours.

The British have air freshener...?!

It could have been worse; she could have lit a match near him.

The last item: "Two English piddlers were charged with offensive behaviour after relieving themselves in the street in the wee small hours of last Friday." God Save the Queen.

cindy, I was wondering if she hit him with the trampoline part or the metal border. If the latter I can understand him lashing out.

Also, notice all the stories have the same thing in common? Alcohol appears to have been involved in all.

My wife has a case of the stuff next to the bed.

Well, it could of been worse.

Bean there, done blaaat.

They can make fun of our weak beer all they want but at least it doesn't lead to farting and trampoline beatings and piddling.


Adding loudmouth's name ot Bikini Wax List. (scribble, scribble)

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