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November 27, 2011


Do NOT click here.


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I've got a bone to pick with that Holy Spirit. Why can't He ever suggest picking up a vacuum cleaner, or washing a dish or two? Men actually listen to Him -- how about being a little more practical, hmm?

Who are you, who, who. Who the **** are you. I'm gonna add a little guitar to make it easy to move your feet.

"occasional mental imbalance"? WTF

Hohoe no-no.

His devotion is impressive. His intelligence far less so.

One to many shots to the head before he retired?

Let's face it guys, if we all did that we would get in a lot less trouble with the Holy Spirit.
Personally, I'm counting on that Prodigal Son thing to bail me out.

the Bla police?? so do they care?
and "occasional" mental imbalance??? OK. i wouldnt want to see what "frequent' mental imbalance would be like....

Who Are You became WTF Are You and is now known as You Ain't What You Were.

Perfect occasion for applying 1 John 4:1, "Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God..." I would need some mighty thorough convincing.


Is that a banana in your pocket or, oh....it IS a banana.

The article does not tell us if Mr "Who are you?" was successful in his attempt to go from former boxer to full-time nullo. Since it's a Third World country, I assume he did...


I 'm guessing he had a little too much holy spirits first.

Hohoe Municipal Hospital

Not the first Ho to make a d!ck fall off.

Good for Mad Librarian. Right!

Any further doubts about Darwin? Any one? Yes, you in the back? Who? Who are you? Stop waving that thing around! Does anyone have any duct tape or super glue?

Ex-Boxers are more vulnerable to brain disease due to the trauma and head injuries they received with their sport, and sign & symptoms usually becomes visible in old age.

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