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November 29, 2011


Villagers wallop hairy Lizards in Phuket's cricket league

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Why on earth are you reporting the Phuket Sporting News from the Phuket Gazette?

Also, darn it! Did I miss St. Patrick's Day again?

Winners in the Island Furniture League get two wicker chairs and a beach umbrella to be named later.

The Phuket Gazette -- is that where journalists go when they just don't feel like trying anymore?

Liquid Lounge Lizards?

OK, if men's slo-pitch softball is the "beer league", the "IFL" must be the "gin-and-tonic league".

Is "walloping the hairy lizard" a sexual euphemism in Phuket and, if not, why not?

Cricket has been nominated for the world's most inexplicable sport, from its nomenclature to its rules to its popularity. NBA basketball and televised golf were tied for second, the last time I checked.

SNORK to everyone, good stuff ! And golf's rules are easy Omni, just pick up the 200 page rulebook and read it many times.

Second round of Snorks to everyone!

I'm very confused. (NTTAWWT, But more so than normally.)

The caption for the photo said: OP WORK: Neil Culpan, top scorer for LLL faces a delivery from The Village's top Bowler, Tom Gordon. Photo: Phuket Cricket Group.

So they were outside, bowling on a golf green, when
the hairy Lizard ran accross the green and got
"walloped", and the Village People showed up to do a dance or too?

Damn, whatever they are smoking I want some!!!

got to agree with Jeff and LeDud and funny man, oh what the heck, everyone. too funny

♪You say tomah-to and I say Po-tate-o,
You say Siam I say Tai-land,
♫ You like sticky rice,
I say steamed is nice,
Lets both say Phuket,
and call the whole thing off..♬

and what's this about a mini collapse "for a duck, and with six wickets down"...

Keep your wickets clean, now...

Ha. So too, ofg.

I found this paragraph interesting:

"Worthy of note was the sportsmanship of Langley when the Village appealed for a caught behind. The umpire didn't raise his finger, but the opener shouldered his bat and walked honorably back to the pavillion."

I have no idea what a caught behind is but walking away honorably seems like the right thing to do.

I kinda figure Cricket was one of those made up school yard games where kids keep changing/adding the rules as they go along.

Phuket pronouned (Pooh-kett) is one of the more upscale beachside tourist/resort areas in Thailand. If any of youse ever plan to visit, give the area a good look as a prospective vacation spot. If dining in Phuket and ordering dessert is the task at hand, don't leave the country without ordering a Golden Fuk.

Whether you wallop your hairy lizard or Phucket, either way you end up with a sticky wicket.

I thought the furniture league was in the Ottoman Empire.

Cricket is Calvinball for grownups.

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