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November 23, 2011


Stockholm reeling from giant chipmunk shocker

(Thanks to Ed)


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From the country that gave us Dancing Queen? Hopefully she is still around and Alvin has the opportunity while He's there to run up her pantleg and cause a stir.

Key quote:”I thought I was witnessing something historical. But all I feel is used and dirty,” said disgruntled onlooker Anna to DN.
Boy, if I had a nickel ...

well i thought the shocker was a hand gesture, which if it was to be used on a chipmunk would by necessity be tiny. not to mention unsanitary and a little creepy.

Any word from France?

They won't have any trouble scoring in that environment.

"City i Samverkan has not been able to give me a clear picture of how it all got away from them".

Chipmunks are squirrel wannabes and everyone knows how devious squirrels are. When will people learn, you cannot trust those buggers.

At least they don't have to listen to them "sing"!

Giant Chipmunk Shocker is a classified Department of Defense program, and none of you people have a need to know any more than that.

Chipmunk Taser.

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