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November 02, 2011


Hug A Gator: Gatorman Mike Sturgill Opens Alligator Hugging Business in Tin City, Fla.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I want the duct tape concession.

A worthy concern that's sure to keep his customers in stitches.

And the tasers, Cheesewiz.

One Thanksgiving, I had a dislocated jaw. My mouth was wired shut over the holiday.
Yes, I know how those gators feel.
BTW, if you ever feel the urge to puree turkey, dressing, gravy, and mashed potatoes and slurp it through a straw, don't.
Just, don't.

Just last week I saw a youtube about a "gator wrestling experience" that went wrong and the gator bit a fair chunk of the girl's face. She lived, and maybe learned a lesson.

How about try hugging a 21 feet gator. Would you risk to try?

The gator is smiling and looks quite contented. (Never smile at a crocodile)

Velcro, really? Is a gator's hide sticky or rough? I can see it sliding off and...snack time.

>>they love their hugs contrary to what people believe<<

Why not just hug a lawyer ? It's free, and you won't even have to tape his mouth shut.

But you SHOULD, Clankie, just in case he starts talking (lying)...

French kissing a snake is not recommended; it may give you Salmonella. I don't know if snakes can get any human herpes.

I did hug my pet gator when I was a kid. He didn't bite, but he did scratch and whack me with his tail. People worry about the teeth, but in this case I'd beware of the subordinate claws.

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