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November 29, 2011


All in the name of 'art': The 65-year-old professor who poses nude with students

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger, who says, "Not at all creepy!")


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And they fell for it! Brilliant.

Tenure. Ain't it great!!

Good thing the Church is no longer the arbiter of art.

yeah. it's ok, i'm a COP.

and the manner in which he recruits models

Candy little girl?

I'm surprised the University President didn't say "NTTAWWT."

Of course one can wonder what the professor has on him if there's a reason he's OK with it.

At least he's not taking showers with them at 9:30 on a Friday night in the offseason.

Pervert. If I caught him doing 'art' with my daughter by the time I finished with him he would be wishing he had never been born.

Our world is in trouble with some of these people.

If you think the student's participation was "voluntary", I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

When I was at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, a senior faculty member used to cajole medical students AND PATIENTS into posing nude for him--he threatened the medical students with blacklisting from any post-graduate residency training if they didn't agree (in the US you can't practice medicine with just a medical degree--you need at least three years of training beyond medical school, and your medical school has to recommend you for that training)

This guy should be strung up by his balls until they fall off!

Why is it always the people that NOBODY ELSE wants to see naked who do these things?!

Coach Sandusky and Penn State could learn something from this pervert. It is all in how you spin your behavior. Hope someone neuters him.

it's about time the government stepped up and regulated art. then they could create an art police to monitor artist's activities and make sure that they are operating within designated parameters. those that make us think or feel something other than nostalgia, "aw" or prurient arousal shall be imprisoned, murdered and mutilated as you have suggested above.

we can't have these bearded "free thinkers" just running free to "be creative". won't somebody think of the children?

What's all the hubbub? It's not like he's Mapplethorpe or Man Ray, and his "students" are all free and over 18. Move along people, nothing to see here.


I would remove his "paint brush" for starters.

And he imposes it as Mandatory?
Yeah right, glad I did not have a professor like this during my college.

Thirty three years as an art teacher and dang I never thought of this I have never photographed students, unless they are holding their art work, um, you know what I mean.

From the headline I thought he was posing nude with the students for the drawing class. Look away!!! Look away!!

Ewww, the pictures were kind of icky. The students looked creeped out, too.

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