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November 28, 2011


23-foot-high theremin appears in Melbourne, begins to freak out passersby

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Unless the person in that picture is from the Land of the Giants, that is no 23 foot high theremin.

15 feet, tops.

If that's 23 feet high, the lady must be from one of those "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman" movies from the 50s, so it fits.

For anyone else who didn't know what a theremin.
A theremin is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without discernible physical contact from the player. It is named after its Russian inventor, Professor Léon Theremin.
I'm still not sure what it is but I have a feeling that it wasn't cheap to build.

GMTA, Steve.

A theremin reminds me of a metrenome that my high school music teacher used to have.

It took a licking but kept on ticking. Like it was gonna explode. But it never did.


However, these would be great movies:
Gorgon Vs. Metranome
Godzilla vs. Theremin
Theremin Vs. The World (staring J. Travolta or

Did you listen to the "mp3 file"?

Somewhere somehow some whales are getting very turned on horny

Actually, it is probably 23 feet high, the photo has cropped out the big honking antenna on the top. Because the journalism was so shoddy, I found an incredibly daft interesting video of the theremin in action.

An elephant that made Christmas fart sound effects would be more appropriate to the season.

that would also be brilliant.

Clankie: No problem.

Umm, yeah... Back to the theremin, I got to play one a few times. They are fun to mess around with but really tough to play well. This guy is really good! But you really can't top cats and theremins.

Cool, It would be pleasant if they took video shots of unsuspecting passerby.

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