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November 29, 2011


Men don’t think about sex every seven seconds: study

(Thanks to The Perts)


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That's what they think!

I think men are much better than that. In fact I'll bet their thoughts are more complex than anyone could imagine. btw, before you blog guys get too excited about my statements you need to know I still believe in Santa Claus too.

Wait... are they saying men only think about s*x six out of every seven seconds, and every seven seconds they don't?

And women think more about s*x than sleep?

nursecindy, thank you for your support and defense of us guys in the face of these awful slurs.

*I bet she's really hot.*

Personally, I only think about sex with my wife and men do not lie about things like this.

Who the hell thinks about sleep that much? What's to think about?

What if the same thought has sex, food, and sleep ?

Numbers don't lie, but liars use numbers.

I think we need to study the people who do studies. Something is seriously askew.

Alright, who broke the blog? And who's gonna fix it?

NC, all I can say is "Ho, Ho, Ho".

Sorry I'm late. I couldn't string eight seconds of cocentration together to post.

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