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November 30, 2011



There's nothing particularly funny about this; for a woman from Ohio, it's just a cool thing to see at lunch.


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Cool thing to see at lunch ..

Waiter! There's a shark in my soup!

I am appalled that the Rule of Thirds was ignored for this photo.

i could move it off-center a bit and cut off one of the edges, if you prefer ;)

Be very careful of his wording if he invites you to lunch.

Ahhh. So much better than November in Massachusetts.

"Thanks for all the fish"

Cool to see when surfing, too.

That looks really nice. The water looks so pretty too.

I think that's my lawyer

That's a dolphin, not a shark.

" Everyone out of the pool ! "

We're gonna need a bigger lunch pail.

Global warming has sure affected Ohio.


Was this taken at an Ohio Zoo or Water Park? Because the water is too clean to be a river, lake , or ocean...

Flipper has aged way better than me.

it was taken outside of the Miami Herald building, in Biscayne Bay. my point was that i'm FROM ohio (not IN ohio), so seeing a dolphin at lunch is kinda nifty; sorry for the confusion.

Wait... so the staff of the Miami Herald is now located in Ohio? Is it a case of on-shoring?

I agree it's a dolphin. There's no sign of an vertical tail fin (dolphin's tails are horizontal to the body) and the rear slant of the fin is curved.
If it makes anybody feel better, it's a very SCARY dolphin.

judi, ignore them. Those of us who have visited you at the Herald knew what you meant.

And yes, it is a great view from there.

Offensive or defensive player?

Here fishy fishy fishy!

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