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November 25, 2011


Black Friday shoppers pepper-sprayed in Calif.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Jeff Brown and Horace LaBadie)


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Seems like a poor strategy.
My daughter got spooked once (thought she heard someone outside the door) and found out what happens when you spray pepper into the wind.
It was a moving experience, apparently.

Isn't that sad. The crowds at Walmart around me last night were all in a very good mood. Nobody pushed or shoved. People were very polite in letting you get what you needed but it was a solid mass of people and trucks along with cars and campers were parked everywhere. Over the curb up on the lawn, along side other cars ect. I had to park over at the Meijer parking lot and it was full. I just happened to find a spot. The lines around here at other stores was truly amazing. All around the buildings. I only needed a couple of things.

I would rather pepper-spray MYSELF than go out at midnight into that mess.

Spray 'em with pixie dust.

Wimps. Cattle prods are the manly man's way to clear a path to the goodies.

Competitive Shopping should be an Olympic sport.

*agrees with Punkin*

"He clamed Wamart ..."

I think this is an interesting typo - one more "l" and it would imply an assault with shellfish. But the absence of any ls at all in the store name suggests simply that the author's keyboard has had one too many cups of coffee spilled on it, or perhaps that he or she is missing the third finger of the right hand.

I should bring Duffy the Toxic Farting Labrador with me. That'd clear a path.

All together -
It's the most wonderful time of the year,
DingDong, DingDong.

Christmas Bawls.

There is NOTHING I need or want badly enough to even think about going shopping today (or yesterday, for that matter).

*stuffing leftover cornbread dressing/mashed potatoes in my mouth right now*

Amen Coco. It's about 72 and sunny in VA. Who in the world wants to go shopping. I just came in long enough to post.

Amen, Coconuts. It was gorgeous in NYC today. You'd have to be nuts to shop. Besides, Black Friday as a "bargain" is the biggest scam since Daylight Savings Time.

I would rather pepper-spray MYSELF than go out at midnight into that mess.

Posted by: Punkin | November 25, 2011 at 10:07 AM

Me too, Punkin.

Occupy WalMart.

What's the opposite of "Occupy"? That's what I want to do to Wal-Mart. "Evacuate", maybe? I guess I'm in the same movement as the pepper spray woman.

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