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November 01, 2011


Face discovered in testicular tumour


(Thanks to Ralph, Matt Filar and RussellMc)


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Whoa - that is really creepy, whether it turns out to be real or otherwise.


Now let's all play "Who got reincarnated as a testicular tumor?"

Too soon for Qaddafi... Bin Laden? Nah, you're supposed to come back as a LOWER form of life... Bernie Madoff? Nope, still alive...

Friar Tuck!

Woody from Toy Story? It would make sense having a Woody there. (I hope that remark is not too risque for the blog)

Arnold and Austin provide analysis.

NC: Not too risque, but SNORK-able!

I'll just toss out the name Schweddy and y'all can take it from there.

Is it me or does that testicle look shocked?

Having suffered with Epididymitis, I can tell you that that face is, indeed, appropriate.

I see 2 faces .. on profile, one facing up at ten o'clock.

And they cut it off?!! Found it harmless??!! Did they re-attach it or something? Like, really, these things don't grow on trees!

This should disuade doctors from performing all those unnecessary tests.

That's an EXCELLENT Halloween story.

This must be the inspiration for The Dark Half

Isn't that something. This poor fella is stuck in this guys testicle causing him pain. It's funny but not funny. Maybe people do come back again to live another life. Look what he got oh boy. If that's the case I am hoping for something better.

It's Bill of the ball.

Looks like troll face.


The image really looks scary and the thought of it staring at you, creepy. I hoped they showed a picture of the specimen obtained from the operation.

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