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November 30, 2011


Firefighters extinguished a small blaze inside a minivan downtown Tuesday night after a male occupant set some clothes on fire to stay warm, a fire official said.

(Thanks to Drew Smth)


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There is a direct link between minivans and mental illness. Proof: just go to any grade school and watch mothers pick up their kids after school. *ducking*

Good thing he didn't think about all the heat he could have generated with the gas tank!

Last night I told my oldest daughter that what I want for Christmas is a note that she has donated to a homeless shelter.
I have reached that point in life where, if I want it, I already have it or I don't really need it.
Somebody else does.
Sorry that this isn't funny.

The old clothes don't cost as much as a gallon of gas. This isn't really funny, it's sadly pathetic and shouldn't be made fun of.

I asked my son the other day if he had done his Christmas shopping. He told me he had just ordered my Christmas present. I asked him what it was. Unfortunately he is hard to understand on the phone so I'm either getting a black and white candle or a black and white Kindle from him this year. Regular guy, I think what you said was admirable. Kudos to you.

That's not funny. It's pretty awful.

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