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November 28, 2011


A 43-year-old man said to have shot at his lawn mower while intoxicated, fought his adult son and pulled a shotgun on the adult son was arrested after being shocked three times with a Taser, according to recently released records.

Key Quote: Wach said he didn't understand why he was being taken to the Martin County jail. He said he routinely shoots in the yard, saying "fighting is what redneck people do."

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Look for a similarly themed episode in next season's " Law and Odor " .

Clearly, the authorities are in violation of several Supreme Court rulings. See Redneck v. Butterworth.

I hope our redneck doesn't get hooked on dominos.

Where were the tornado, the pickup and the trailer house?

Bad boys, bad boys, watcha' gonna do, when they come for you?

I grew up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky (spelled with a cap. "E" because we wanted nothing to do with the flatlanders).
In my youth I was known to have someone hol' mah beer, while I...well, I lived through it.
This sounds more like a bad mixture of alcohol and a severely depressed intellect (stupidity).
If your car breaks down in the mountains, you could do a lot worse than have a car of "good ole boys" come along to help.

Unless, Steve, they are the 'good ol' boys' of
Deliverance (the movie) fame...

and did this guy maybe used to live close to Jeff Foxworthy? Just asking....

To be fair, the mower was just asking for it.

wouldn't start, a gas guzzler, and the damn duck tape on the broken handlebar's tore.

(Or at least I imagine it was something like that)

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy,,,

You might be a redneck if:
1) people tell you you are;
2) you suspect your mower is cheating on you;
3) you suspect your girlfriend (or wife, if married) is cheating on you;
4) You suspect your son is cheating on you,
and 5) You and Your Son can't read or write
(The son wouldn't complete a written statement because he didn't want his dad to get in trouble.)

I feel sorry for people who get angry when they drink. It just ruins the whole experience. I get angry more than I care to admit, but drinking is how I get myself refocused on what is important in life. Namely, drinking.

Please, Sir, can I have some mower?

Wach's 18-year-old son, .... Wach went on his son's porch and began "a verbal altercation with him over (the son's) mother not paying child support."

The son is 18 and owns a house (trailer). MOTHER has to pay child support! I wanna be a redneck.

...the deputy shocked him with an X-26 Taser. Wach didn't follow additional instructions and was shocked twice more.

Have you ever tried to follow instructions after being tased once with an X-26 Taser officer?

Whada.. He didn't know why he was going to get arrested?

Lucky for him his son doesn't want him to be taken by the police even after he pointed a gun at him.

In West VA that is how they get their mowers goin.'

If ya pull the cord and it don't rev up right away, get out the shotgun!

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