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November 25, 2011


Why did the salmon cross the road? 

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He was taking a 'short cut' to school.


It was Fry Day and he wanted to avoid the skill-et.


He was goaded and dared to by the Punk Fish.

(see related story about Punk Fish in todays blog.)

Something very fishy about this story.
I know! If you look at the telephone pole and the tree in the background, one appears to be straight up and the other is tilted.

Sorry, got my wires crossed. Punk fish link here. Sorry, It's older news also.

[CLimbs aboard geezer bus, yelling "Keep off my lawn and take your damn fish with you!!!"]

They have " Swim/Don't Swim " signals at all the crossings.

And the spectators were yelling: "Go. Fish! Go, Fish!"

It was a salmon chanted evening.

Drive thru sushi is a great idea. Very fresh, I hear.


(drum snap)

Hey, I try....

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