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November 29, 2011


Moonshine Found In Local Water Plant

(Thanks to Poker and Bill Hudgins)


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Ignore the moonshine in Florida. Look at who else has been hitting the moonshine: Indian movie titled "Hero Hitler In Love".

And thanks to me. Sigh.

foo, that does indeed look like a classic.

Groton Massachusetts ? I was expecting Tenn, or West Va. Boy am I guilty of stereotyping. Maybe the culprit was FROM Alabama.

"Baddacook Water Treatment Plant". Har.

LeDud, I do take offense at your stereotyping. Our state has evolved well beyond distilling moonshine. Now they grow marijauna. So I've heard anyway.

there is no evidence the employee was drinking on the job

Reminds me of Bill Clinton: I didn't inhale.

Thanks, Guin!

It's Good for what Ales Ya!--Daisy May Mose (aka Granny on the Beverly Hillibies)

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