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November 24, 2011


County Uses Explosions To Control Squirrel Infestation

(Thanks to Ron Gibb)


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I hope this works out better than the whale episode.

In the immortal words of Jean-Paul Sartre, "Au revoir, squirrels!"

Man, they could sell tickets to operate the Rodenator and make a killing.

What is wrong with that weepy foolette? Meds not kick in yet?

Snork on bacon wrapped squirrel. Gollum would prefer it raw after it is zapped by the Rodenator.

So cool! I want a "Rodenator" for Xmas!

Squirrels and gophers have dug hundreds of holes and can carry disease like the bubonic plague.

Not to mention the devious devils can disable entire electric grids. Remember the East Coast Grid Blackout in 2003? Squirrels. (The media, I am told, suppressed this story to stop vigilante groups.)

Don't these hypocrites charging "murder" know that if you eat meat, somebody somewhere had to kill "it". You can't really negotiate with squirrels.

I'm surprised and disappointed that the exterminator wasn't named Spackler...

Muh Ha ha ha! This gets the Mad Scientist Seal of Approval!

We used to throw very large cherry bombs down woodchuck holes. I don't know what happened but the chucks didn't come back...

I kind of like squirrels, but they've never done anything to me or mine.
But I dearly want a "Rodenator".
We have some woodchucks that really need to die.

Which reminds me, tomorrow gotta pick up copy of Caddy Shack from $5 bin @ Walmart.

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