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November 24, 2011


...you need this app.

(Thanks to Ross)


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The next one they come up with will allow you to take off bottle caps that screw on. Is is me or are people that have iPhones just too damn lazy?

Am I the only one left on earth who doesn't even have a smartphone?

I finally just got a smartphone last weekend. Now my wife says I need to get "apps" for it.

I thought "apps" were the snacks you had before dinner.

(truth be told, I work every day in the stuff that underpins all this smartphone stuff. But all *I* really want is a PHONE)

Right with you on that Tek. Just a phone thanks, and as little of that as possible. The beer opener is a nice plus though.

For Siouxie.


That looks handy to have on the phone.

When they come up with one that will make you a nice vodka martini I'll think about it. btw, after a day full of family I could use a vodka martini or twelve.

My Motorola Dynatac already has one thanks.

If your smart phone can't open a bottle without one of these, it's stupid!

We will see an increase of regrettable drunk texting and tweeting.

I still have a Nokia folding phone. I'm not really text friendly.


Where's HAMS? I thought with a New Zealand (sorry, Nu Zillan) connection he'd jump all over this.

I prefer being a late adapter with technology. If you wait a couple of years, it usually gets better and cheaper, which is kind of nice. Right now, my phone just acts as a phone.

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