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November 23, 2011


Vying for a man brings out worst in women

(Thanks to The Perts)



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ha ha ha! women are so silly.

I don't understand the women's reaction as we men would never notice if a woman was dressed provocatively or not. It would be totally safe to leave us alone with said scantily clad female.

SHOCKING. *eyeroll*

" So, Hercules, once again, we meet. By the gods! Look at you! You really have let yourself go! "

Next study, does vying for a woman bring out the stupid in men? Any bets on the outcome of that study.

Like.. bratworst?

what i don't understand is why dressing in a slutty outfit is considered "vying for a man"... who said they were vying for anything? they just think women who dress like sluts are worthy of ridicule. don't you? i know *I* do.

I can think of an encyclopedia full of other reasons.

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