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November 29, 2011


A crematorium is planning to become the first in the UK to generate electricity to sell to the National Grid - by using heat from its furnaces.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Michael Moore could run the country for decades.

Grandma was a real hottie.

Come on in! It's Winter and so cold outside. Warm yourself by the fire.
What do you mean, that log looks like Aunt Sally?

Can't decide if this is creepy, or just organ donation to the max...

Soylent Heat is people!

Being an avid gardener, I've always wanted to be composted. Think of next years tomatoes......

We need a Congressional fact-finding mission, STAT!

Turning dead people into electricity is brilliant.

But when are they gonna capture and recycle all that
"hot air" from the world's politicians?

It is both a great danger and opportunity for us all.

Won't that up our carbon corpseprint ?

This needs a good PR campaign, preferably with cheerleaders:


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