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November 25, 2011


College student accused of stealing day care's rabbit

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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What a LOSER. Stealing a BUNNY from a DAYCARE! Does he push over little old ladies with walkers in his spare time?

In retaliation for when rabbits broke into a dorm and kidnapped several college students.

Guin, I'm guessing alcohol and/or a fraternity initiation were involved.


The police came on a medical check and the alleged perp had weed in his dorm? Track this winner...

Did he do a "perp hop" when brought in?

Just goes to show, you can't outrun the long ears of the law.

He actually did the children a favor by removing the disease-carrying, long-eared rat.

Get lost, pjdmj. We don't take kindly to haters.

Not funny.

Steals pets from small children.

Needs to loosen up some.

Think jail can help with that.

FNCK off spammers.

Judiiiiii! Clean up on Aisle Three!

i guess thanksgiving weekend is a successful one for most spammers... there was a TON of it this morning. all gone now, i hope ;)


Was it wabbit season?

Speculating: His "dealer" told him rabbit's foot was lucky so he thought he'd be four times as lucky with four.

Quoting Bugs Bunny:"He don't know me very well, do he?"

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