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November 25, 2011


Staring at naked women makes you smarter: Study

(Thanks to cydstep and W. von Papineau)


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That enhanced brain activity is simply the blood rushing from the brain to another part of the male anatomy.

What they don't mention is that reading the Sun makes your IQ get cut in half.

Okkkkaaaay. What if that woman is say Rosie O'Donnell, or Helen Thomas, or Barbra Streisand or Snooki?

Snork @ Stev0.

MikeyVA: My guess would be that your brain may be
"stimulated" also, but your eyes would suffer akin to
abuse, and you *might* go blind.

Just saying..er..guessing...

Does this mean that visits to my local strip club will now be covered by my insurance company?

When I was in college, I tutored one of the most beautiful blondes I've ever met.
So pretty that the professor lost his train of thought whenever he glanced at her and I saw a guy in the student union walk straight into a wall while walking by.
Intelligence, my left brain.

Are you bragging, Steve?

Not that I blame you.

I really did NOT need that image on my brain, Mikey (Helen Thomas? really?).

Alas, I wasted all those years at Harvard, when all I needed to do was go to Ed's Titty City for the dinner show.

Alas, markhh, no. I did hit the books to keep ahead because I knew she needed help.
For my efforts, I got the "I see you as a big brother" speech.
It was still worth it.


I think your health insurance will only cover it if you have Alzheimer's or something similar. I do think you should be able to get some sort of student aid so you can go to a strip club before studying though, despite what Steve said. No doubt the young man in Steve's account had a brain working so fast that a minor inconvenience like a wall was irrelevant.

I'm having a hard time believing this. It reminds me of the study that said people see good looking people as more intelligent. George Cloony could be quite intelligent for all I know, but is that really what we think of?

Reminds me of an eMail warning I heard a couple years back:

There's an eMail going around claiming to have naked pictures of Nancy Pelosi. Don't open it.

It contains naked pictures of Nancy Pelosi.

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