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November 25, 2011


Bathroom surfaces full of germs, study finds

(Thanks to The Perts)


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See, that's what happens when you don't use enough TP (and text on the john). We aim to please.

The study, done at the University of Colorado in Boulder, saw researchers test surfaces in 12 bathrooms on the university campus to look for microbes. An equal distribution of men's and women's bathrooms were tested. (emphasis added in bold)

Would you expect to find an absolutely sterile, clean and germ free environment? Proof that universities waste money, and the media is out to spread fear and disinformation at almost every opportunity.

Be sure to read the comments posted with the CTV story. I agree with all four, and this and this.

Sometimes universities dump common sense along with their money....

Is a 'university dump" just a bathroom visit or a new study? Let's get the National Enquirer hot on this today!!!

And the Pope's Catholic.

If you're afraid of germs and viruses, whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM YOUR OWN (OR ANYONE ELSE'S) COLON.

All surfaces have germs. That's why we are equipped with an immune system. I always use lysol on all of my surfaces. kitchen, bathroom, table ect..

It's a college campus. There is more than enough alcohol to disinfect every surface including the quad.

And later tonight: Darkness expected.

Very few of the germs found in bathrooms can infect you unless you ingest them. Washing your hands before you eat makes more sense, especially in public. There's not much of a personal health benefit from washing your hands at the mall, when every door handle and checkout counter is just as likely to be contaminated as a bathroom. I don't notice people pushing shopping carts with their feet, whatever they do with toilet flush handles. Germs "R" Us.

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