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November 23, 2011


Burning bag of excrement hurled at Atlantic City building leads to fire department offer to wash down home

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Reminds of the best of times regarding my visit to Newark circa '80.

That must of been a poopy mess.

Don't let word get out, or else the fire department will become very busy.

Nothing like the holidays to bring out the best
beast in people!

>>Brooks said that was the first incident in his 30-year career that he's heard of the fire department responding to any type of incident involving a bag of excrement that had been lit on fire.<<

Publication of political bios don't usually produce calls to the fire department.

I think I saw "Burning Bag of Excrement" open for "The Electric Prunes".

Not many know this but "Burning Bag of Excrement" was the original title of the last Twilight movie.

Geez, for a while I thought that somebody had thrown Newt Gingrich against a building!

When 12 year olds go bad. I think the Pulitzer is safe.

CSI DNA tests could solve this in ten minutes flat.

Was the TSA agent that the BBoE was aimed at harmed in any way? (Sorry, airports are bad. Airports at holidays are worse!)

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