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November 22, 2011


We are speechless.

(Note the warning.)


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Just from looking at the url (no way I'm clickin' on that link here at $FederalLawEnforcementAgency) I assume it involves pizza toppings. Very interesting pizza toppings.


OMG. Got nothin'.

Well, now there's a fun-gi.

* discreetly leaves geoduck and mushroom casserole on nursecindy's doorstep *

After reading the article, I don't think I will ever be able to order a pizza with mushrooms again.

Say it with me "Just say NO!".

Well, that sounds... entertaining.

"mythical" - so, that means it's made up, right?

What? No stroganoff jokes?

Thanks padraig!

Watch out for the soup.

You're welcome cindy, remember to take small bites, don't want you choking on anything!

"We are speechless"?
You don't say.

Be careful and mindful of what you put in your mouth!

Not all 'shrooms zoom, some....could kilya!

There's a fungus among us?

This essay reminded me of reading "On the Road" back in grad school.

Hey, anyone up for a pizza? Extra 'shrooms?


Warning: author may be under the influence of psychedelic shrooms organisms.

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